Terrible Plastic Surgery for Mama Elsa Patton

Elsa Patton Plastic Surgery

Be aware if you’re conducting aggressive plastic surgery or you will end with a terrible appearance like to happen to the mama Elsa Patton. Mama Elsa Patton may not celebrity but since her daughter Marysol Patton joining the cast of Bravo television series The Real Housewives of Miami, her appearance stealing public attention. Not because of her daughter that looks sexy and wonderful on that reality show, but Elsa Patton appearance that looks very terrible and awful. This woman was accused overdo plastic surgery procedures for the facelift, Browlift and Blepharoplasty or maybe a filler too created terrible plastic surgery like she has.

But it’s likely that Elsa Patton does not care about what people say. She is still confidence to show her face in front of the public or accompanying her daughter in many events. Elsa Patton doesn’t concern about her terrible plastic surgery that make her look so awful and horrible,.

Elsa Patton Plastic Surgery

Overdo facelift probably the procedure that makes the Elsa Patton face look too lifted for some parts and creating an asymmetrical look at her face. Her eyes look too lifted mixed with very elevated lip that probably since the aggressive facelift procedure. Her face also looks very tight but immobile and terribly can’t be moved.

This procedure makes the Elsa Patton face seem very painful and unnatural at all.

Dr. Richard Chaffoo, MD, FACS, FICS revealed that despite facelift Elsa Patton also accused has another plastic surgery procedure like Browlift, Blepharoplasty and facial filler. Those procedures seem overdo and aggressive so the result is very unnatural and terrible. Her eyebrow looks very arched and elevated make her eyes lifted too. It makes Elsa Patton looks like a witch with horrible and weird conditions.

She may have Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery that the signs still obviously looked at her face. As I said before Elsa Patton called herself as “seer” or kind of witch. And the Blepharoplasty help her to get that weird appearance, it’s wide, big and large as Elsa Patton really looks like a witch with very cruel and odd facial appearance.

Elsa Patton may have terrible plastic surgery procedure, but I think her guts is so big to still appear in front of the public. And I hope someday Elsa Patton will stir her heart to conduct plastic surgery recovery procedure.

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