Sridevi Plastic Surgery Before & After: Facts or Rumors

Sridevi Plastic Surgery

After having not been seen in wide screen, now Sridevi comes back with her new film entitled English Vinglish in which she was portrayed as Shashi Godbole. Since her comeback to the film industry she looks much more different that finally led some people wonder and began that her difference appearance was resulted through some surgical procedures. What kinds of plastic surgery procedures did she have?

Sridevi Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sridevi who was born on 13th August 1963 is best known as Bollywood actress who has been playing in various films. She got her fame when she played in Moondru Mudichu film in 1976 afterwards she expanded her career through playing numerous films.

In 2012 she made breakthrough after having 15 years absent in entertainment industry for various reasons. Her comeback was considered to be successful then finally led her achieved awards as India’s Greatest Actress of All Time.

Since her comeback to film industry, some people found something different from her latest appearance in which her lips look fuller and better as if it has undergone some filler injections. When that lip filler was confirmed to Sridevi, she denied that she has some jobs done on her face area. Besides lip filler she was also charged of having Botox which can be seen through her youthful face whereas she has been 50 years old.

In short, the validity of Sridevi plastic surgery rumors truth is still being debated by Indian plastic surgeons and her fans base. Generally ordinary women who have been reaching the golden age, they usually have wrinkles on their face but she does not likely to reflect to be older. She still looks young and gorgeous in her old age. If she did not have any procedures for her fascinating look, we hope that she can keep her young appearance naturally. However if she had plastic surgery procedures indeed, they must have been done softly so the remaining scars and aging signs, wrinkles and sagging, are not visible on her face. What do you think with Sridevi latest appearance? Did she reflect to be aged naturally? Feel free to share your ideas!

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