Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery Before and After

Paul McCartney

Even through his spokesperson sir Paul McCartney denies the rumor of plastic surgery, but, actually without saying a word his face revealed everything. He is a legendary musician that can’t be separated from the Beatles great name and the rumor of surgery.

Paul McCartney was rumored to have plastic surgery not only because bit obsessed to stay ageless. The other reason that he has surgery is because of he is dating a younger woman than him. That’s why even his spokesperson denies the surgery rumor that  was adressed to  Paul McCartney, but, it’s likely he has conducted Blepharoplasty, Botox and hair transplant.

He still looks a bit younger than his real age that triggering the rumor he has surgery done.

Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery


Well it’s likely that he realizes that within aged, his skin under the eye region starting to slack down and loosen. This condition decreased the fresh looks from someone face. In addition to disguise this slacked skin under the eyes, he may have put himself for the Blepharoplasty done. It can be seen from the eye region that smooth with wider and larger eyes.

A Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer  tells Make Me Heal that Sir Paul McCartney may have performed the eyelid surgery procedure.

The doctor explains that Sir Paul McCartney has upper Blepharoplasty to creating youthful and fresh look at his face.


A Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer explain that looking at sir Paul McCartney facial condition, it seems that this man may have minor facial work done for the Botox. It can be seen from his smooth and elevated forehead with bit arched eyebrow which is positively the indicator of Botox.

Overall he  does not show the indication of overdo plastic surgery for the Botox. Even sometimes you see him with stiff and frozen facial condition, but, the Botox really helps sir Paul McCartney  too looks much younger with toned and tight facial skin.

Hair transplant

He  used have thick hair , but, within aged he also experienced baldness too. It’s true that men are slower being aged than woman, but, they have experienced hair loss faster than a woman does. He  may experience the same thing too because in some occasions his hair looks a bit messy and so flimsy. But, currently or especially at his wedding picture at last 2011 with New Yorker Nancy Shevell, There you may see that he has quite thicker hair than before as indication eh may have hair plug or hair transplant.

The rumor of hair transplant disagreed by Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer. He said that Sir Paul McCartney just has a new hairstyle that shorter compared than before. This new shorter hairstyle for Sir McCartney make the hair look thicker than before.

Sir McCartney is legendary musician hat loved by million people worldwide. And regarding the rumor he has plastic surgery, I think he deserve as long as he doesn’t overdo and not too obsessed with it.

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