Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before & After: Chin Fillers

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery

Michelle Phan who was born on 11th April 1987 is best known by public as makeup instructor and beauty product demonstrator. She often demonstrated her makeup and beauty product through youtube in which many women became her loyal subscribers. Since she was well recognized as beauty instructor and product demonstrator, it apparently demanded her to live in beautiful track by having fascinating appearance. As we know that plastic surgery is not always dominated by Hollywood or Asian celebrities but the other figures also seem to have started to be tempted by plastic surgery, Michelle Phan as well.

Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before and After

The founding father of

was recently accused of having plastic surgery to enhance her beauty look. Based on before and after pictures of Michelle plastic surgery she seems to have chin fillers in which her old chin looks wide and oval shaped, on the contrary her latest chin appearance is apparently extending downward shaped. For that reason some of her fans seemed to be disappointed with her because before she was caught of having some procedures, she was firstly known as the advocate of natural beauty.

When Michelle Phan plastic surgery rumors were confirmed to her, she denied that she had chin filler even though she previously ever stated that she had some jobs done on her face but she still denied that she had permanent surgery.

As it was agreed by some of her fans base who believed that her different appearance was the effect of aging process.

In short, beyond the truth and false of Michelle plastic surgery rumors, we do really believe that her different look was possibly impacted by some procedure, particularly on her chin shape. What do you think about Michelle Phan plastic surgery?

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