Linda Evans Excessive Plastic Surgery

Linda Evans Excessive Plastic Surgery

I would like to say that 70 years old Linda Evans has been excessive undergone plastic surgery since being old seems a nightmare for this senior actress. Linda Evans may very attractive and classy Hollywood sex symbol used to. And, now her era is over, she is 70 years old now and not as much as attractive like she used to. But it’s likely being old is a nightmare for  this American actress who  prominently known for the role of Krystle Carrington in the 1980s ABC prime time soap opera Dynasty. Linda Evans was widely known with her obsession into plastic surgery in order to keep young and ageless.

She was accused having numerous plastic surgery procedures such as cheek implant, nose job, facelift and dermal injection. Not only once in each procedure, media journalist speculated that Linda Evans does more than once time in each procedure. No wonder public then tributes her overdo plastic surgery and wrinkle paranoia. For Linda Evans own sake, I hope she soon stops her obsession stay younger through plastic surgery.

Cheek Augmentation
Observing at Linda Evans transformation from time to time through her pictures, a Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shaffer says that Linda Evans has overdo cheek implant via dermal injection.

The doctor claimed that its probably Linda Evans scared her cheek getting sunken. It because along she get older, fats under her cheek started to decrease steadily. It will make our cheek getting sunken and older. The doctor speculated that Linda Evans scared of its then she decide to go cheek implant by injected dermal to added extra volume on her cheek.

Linda Evans Excessive Plastic Surgery

Nose Job
Linda Evans was accused obsessed and addicted to nose job to refine her nose from time to time. Although the plastic surgery looks overdo on her face, we can still notice that her nose looks more pinched than before. It looks slimmer and thinner compared with her old nose that bit bigger and wider on the nasal tip. It probably looks good before, but seems that Linda Evans repeated this procedure again. And as the result right now her nose looks asymmetric and swollen with a painful look.

Facelift and Eyelift
Linda Evans has unnatural too tight and bit frozen facial  skin that probably came from the aggressive facelift procedure. At first it may look good on her, but in other hand with repeatedly and excessive procedure, her face looks very stuffed and frozen. Linda Evans also accused has Eyelift surgery to abolish saggy skin that started to appear on her skin. And, now you can see Linda Evan eyes bit elevated and lifted, make her look horrible and weird.

Dermal Injection
Linda Evans also has dermal injection to add extra volume on her cheek, lip and chin to make them plumped and youthful. The dermal injection actually will look good on her if Linda Evans didn’t overdo and excessive do it since the temptation to stay ageless and young is so hard. Facial plastic surgery expert Dr. Paul S. Nassif  suggests Linda Evans to have plastic surgery recovery or to reduce dermal injection of returning her natural look.

Linda Evans may keep silent and shy away about an excessive plastic surgery rumor. But her face said so and rumor has it that she has undergone plastic surgery repeated and numerous time. But I think she should stop it and get plastic surgery recovery for her own sake.

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