Korean Idol Ha Ji Won Plastic Surgery Transformation

Ha Ji Won

Koren idol Ha Ji Won was accused has beauty transformation through plastic surgery. This rumor appears when her old photos that look so different with her recent appearance widely spreading among Netizen. Some believe she had put herself under the knife, but the other party or Ha Ji Won enthusiasm said its just make up that make her quite different from time to time. 34 years old South Korean actresses Ha Ji Won who has gain international recognition for her role as Gil Ra Im in Secret Garden (TV series) was accused has beauty transformation along with plastic surgery done.

Those who believe that Ha Ji Won has plastic surgery accused she has Rhinoplasty , facial fillers and eyelid surgery. Like any other Korean idol, Ha Ji Won plastic surgery triggering pros and cons among fans. But Ha Ji Won never gave a clear explanation regarding plastic surgery transformation that was accused of her.

Ha Ji Won Plastic Surgery

Looking at Ha Ji Won before and after picture we may see there is slightly changing on her nose. There is bit differences in both size and shape that make Ha Ji Won facial appearance more perfect. It’s likely that in old photos her nose is less sharp, wide and bit bigger.

The nasal board looks less high but wider than the nasal bridge. But from time to time, you may see that her nose more perfectly sculptured. The nasal bridge becoming smaller and cramped, the nasal bridge looks higher than before make her nose look slimmer, thinner and sharper. Speculation says actually Ha Ji Won hasn’t plastic surgery for Rhinoplasty done. They say a shading of the nasal area gave her illusions of nose shape and size.

Eyelid Surgery
Eyelid surgery probably the most common plastic surgery procedure that was taken by Korean idol. Its probably Ha Ji Won does similar thing too whenever you look at her eyes that looks bigger than before. As a commonly Mongolian race, she should have cramped and small eyes. But looking at her you must be understood that he runs getting bigger and wider looks like Anime character who jumping into the real word. She looks good with her new eyes that gave her soft and tender sight at once.

Facial Filler
Facial filler probably was taken by Ha Ji Won to make her cheek more chubby. Despite injecting on her cheek, filler or collagen may inject to her lip too that make this part looks juicy and thicker. Ha Ji Won may have filler injection in the chin area to make it more pronounced by looking at how smooth and sharp her jaw line that make her facial shape getting an oval than before.

I would love to say that whether Ha Ji Won has plastic surgery for the transformation she looks very nice with the result. But the Korean actress agency really prohibits their actress to reveal about plastic surgery rumor as long as the actress still under their management. It’s likely that Ha Ji Won remain silent due that policy and hasn’t clear explanation about the plastic surgery transformation rumor.

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  • Natural beauty Ha Ji Won looks the same all these years. Jealous fans attack her simply their idols grow much older than her….Hahaha

    She looks as beautiful as she was in Beautiful Life, 10 years back. She’s a timeless beauty…..Cheers!


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