Kathie Lee Gifford to Combat Aging with Plastic Surgery

Kathie Lee Gifford Plastic Surgery

In her 59 years old  American television host, singer, songwriter and actress seem to try so hard to combat aging through plastic surgery. Kathie Lee Gifford used to Hollywood sex symbol when she was still young, but she is getting older now and can’t help her beauty and youthful started to fade away. Afraid of wrinkles and frown, its likely this co-host the fourth hour of NBC’s Today tries to combat the aging with plastic surgery. Though Kathie Lee Gifford has not admitted either denies those rumors, but public already accused has Facelift with Eyelift and Botox injection too. Though this seems to work well on the Kathie Lee Gifford face, some say that she is to force herself to combat aging through plastic surgery.

But Kathie Lee Gifford seems to never listen to the rumor and keep silent when asked about the rumor she is combat aging with plastic surgery done.

Kathie Lee Gifford Plastic Surgery
Facelift and Eyelift Surgery
Kathie Lee Gifford were believers has put herself under the knife by doing major facial work done through Facelift and Eyelift plastic surgery. Though Kathie Lee Gifford tries to hide it but her face tells us everything about the plastic surgery traces from Facelift and Eyelift surgery done. Her face seems too tight with bit elevated and lifted eyes and mouth from the Facelift procedure done. I won’t say the Facelift looks bad on the Kathie Lee Gifford face, but it just makes her facial skin too tight abnormally.

Facelift also probably make Kathie Lee Gifford has frozen and stiff expression sometimes when she is spotted by media journalist. Looking at Kathie Lee Gifford closely, there is a sign that she was combined that Facelift procedure with at least once Eyelift too. Eyelift probably help Kathie Lee Gifford to avoid eye areas from getting slacked down. The sign can be shown with how elevated her eyes is that make those are seems toned and tight too.

Botox Injection
While being a guest on the Larry King show, Kathie Lee Gifford denies she has undergone plastic surgery to combat aging. She said she doesn’t intend to do it but she would consider it in the future. It’s likely that Kathie Lee Gifford has already done this procedure at least through minor Botox injection. Botox help Kathie Lee Gifford to bit disguise and smoothing frown, wrinkles, crows feet and laugh lines as the sign of aging from her face. Botox probably helps Kathie Lee Gifford to have smooth facial skin although the different sign was shown by her neck.

Overall I would love to say, Kathie Lee Gifford succeeds to combat plastic surgery because she looks younger now. The thing she must consider is she shouldn’t overdo it so she won’t botch her face like any other celebrities who has excessive plastic surgery.

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