Julie Chen Big Brother Star Plastic Surgery

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery

One of CBS reality TV series Big Brother stars, Julie Chen, is now being rumored to have some facial enhancements by her fans. She apparently had some jobs done on her face especially on nose and eyes area.  Did she really have rhinoplasty and eyelids surgery?

Julie Chen Big Brother Star Plastic Surgery Before and After

Even though Julie has not clearly confirmed regarding to her plastic surgery procedures but the comparison between her old picture and the latest one she seemed to have definitely changes on her nose and eyes region. Her nose seemingly experienced some touches through nose job procedures so that it looks thinner and smaller.

Whereas some people believed that it is mostly impossible for an old woman to have smaller and slimmer nose shape if they did not go under knife. However not a few of them also stated that the different nose shape, thinner and smaller, in old age can be obtained through make up illusion. But after having compared her pictures we strongly believed that her latest nose shape was shaped through rhinoplasty surgery.

There are many disputes regarding to the truth of Julie Chen plastic surgery, nose job and eyelids surgery. But if she was really under knife, they must have been carried out by certified and professional surgeon with the result that she had great result for her surgical procedures, and she seems to enjoy the result of them.

Based on her pictures comparison as well, she looks like to have facelift and neck lift surgery. It can be seen her youthful appearance as if she did not have any aging signs including wrinkles and sagging skin around her face area. As it was said by Dr. Lawrence S. Reed, he said that she likely had some works done on her face and neck as though skin laser treatments, facelifts, and neck lift procedures have worked well there. So her aging signs can not be noticed on her face.

In short, even though the truth of Julie Chen plastic surgery rumors is still being debated by some of her fans and surgeons but we are strongly sure that she has been under knife to keep her young appearance in her old age. Then she finally looks great with the result of her surgical procedures.

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