Jennifer Connelly Plastic Surgery: Nose Job & Breast Reduction

Jennifer Connelly Plastic Surgery

We might have been hearing and reading some Hollywood actresses plastic surgery stories but we might have missed the latest information about Jennifer Connelly plastic surgery procedures. She was reportedly having nose job and breast reduction on her body. The question is how well were those surgery procedures formed?

Jennifer Connelly Breast Reduction Before and After

Jennifer Connelly is best known as a film actress and her name began to be talked by many celebrity viewers when she was involving in the science fiction film, Dark City, which was released in 1998.  Afterwards her name became more popular when she had role in Requiem for a Dream.

And now her name becomes the trending topic among her fans and celebrity watchers. It is not about her achievement in acting films but her transformation attracts them to wonder how she could be a beautiful actress whereas her age now is stepping to 42 years old.

Based on the pictures comparison between Jennifer Connelly before and after plastic surgery pictures, she definitely had rhinoplasty which had changed her nose shape to be narrower and well defined than her old nose which looked wider with larger at the tip. Looking at the latest pictures, some considered that she possibly had breast reduction as well in which her cup size now appears to be smaller than before getting breast surgery.

They assessed that her breast reduction was integrated with her body proportion because she was previously known having weight loss.

When those plastic surgery rumors were confirmed to this child model former, Jennifer Connelly had denied that she has some works done including nose and boob job. She ensured that every change on her nose and her bust was naturally shaped without any plastic surgeon’s help.

In addition, there are many disputes regarding to Jennifer Connelly plastic surgery rumors, some of them said that she was aging gracefully but on the contrary not a few of them claimed that she has been under knife to enhance her beautiful and sexy appearance. In spite of that case, we noticed that she looks more mature and beautiful after having some jobs done on her face and other parts of her body. We assessed that her surgery procedures were well done with the result that they have altered her appearance to elegant and gorgeous. What do you think about Jennifer Connelly’s plastic surgery? feel free to share your ideas!

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