Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery Speculation

Jennifer Aniston Breast Implant

Forty-four years old American actress, film director, and producer Jennifer Anniston is a long time object for plastic surgery speculation. People and media journalist always guessing what kind of plastic surgery that was taken by Jennifer Aniston. This woman who gained worldwide recognition in the 1990s for portraying Rachel Green on the television sitcom Friends, looks so amazing from time to time. No wonder people then rumored her take plastic surgery as her secret of beauty. Speculation says this Justin Theroux partner has undergone plastic surgery for rhinoplasty, breast implant and and lip injection. So far, Jennifer Aniston only confirmed about nose job rumor and still denies another plastic surgery speculation that was accused of her.

Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery

At first, Jen may not admit she has undergone plastic surgery for the nasal work done. This woman that was crowned as Sexiest Women All the Time by Men’s Health magazine was well known with her perfect nose. Jennifer Aniston best-known with her pinched, thinner and well defined nose that seems was curved well by the very talented carver. That nose that seems too perfect to be a real triggering rumor she has undergone plastic surgery to refine her old nose that bit bigger and looks like piggy nose. From the very first time, she denies about the rhinopalsty rumor, and tells People she is sick about rhinoplasty speculation.

She said she doesn’t need  any plastic surgery procedure since she still satisfy with what God gave to her.

Jennifer Aniston Breast Implant

Breast Implant
Jennifer Aniston was well known with her detachment plastic surgery denial including breast implant speculation that surrounded her life. We may say since multiple times ranked as one of sexiest women all the time, her breast being spotlighted in every her appearance. She may has big, though, wide and protruding breast that was speculated from plastic surgery result. It’s because people still remember her chest leaving so many space when she staring at Friends. But Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell Aston has a different opinion about Jennifer Aniston breast implant. The doctor said there are no sign Jennifer Aniston undergone plastic surgery for breast implant, but it’s probably that she injected filler called as Macrolane. Macrolane  is a hyaluronic acid that has a similar composition with facial filler. It was kind of gel that was injected into the breast to add volume on the bust area. Dr. Sherrell Aston stated that Jennifer Aniston breast showing Macrolane sign but not breast implant.

Lip Enhancement
Since separating with actor Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston has known with her track record dating men younger than her. People speculated she had a lot of confidence with the help of plastic surgery that make her looks ageless including lip enhancement that was accused to her. Jennifer Aniston lip looks juicy and pulled than before triggering speculation some filler was injected there. The filler that like Restylane was injected into the Jennifer Aniston lip and make it looks bigger now.

Everybody must be admits that Jennifer Aniston pretty face is almost perfect and make every woman envy her. But you must remember about nobody perfect phrase that seems valid to in the appearance and life of Jennifer Aniston. And until now Jennifer Aniston still hard to admit about plastic surgery speculation that floated her life from time to time.

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