Goldie Hawn Rumored Stay Look Youthful Due Plastic Surgery Help

Goldie Hawn

It seems that beautiful actress Kate Hudson must be willing to be compared to her mom Oscar winner Goldie Hawn that rumored stay young and hot due plastic surgery. Well it seems difficult to says that she has been almost 67 years look like in her real age. She is still hot and young, seems a little bit as young as her daughter Kate Hudson. She is nearly 67 years old now, but even when you see her fresh face that looks so young and hot, you wouldn’t even believe that she is a mom of three children also a grandma too.

That’s why Oscar winner actress that had been altogether with actor Kurt Russel since 2008 was rumored plastic surgery to keep her sexiness and youthful. It can be understood because in her age, it’s a little bit impossible if she stays young and hot without sculptures knife surgery help.

Goldie Hawn

Goldie Jeanne Hawn is one of Hollywood senior actress that was born on November 21st , 1945 in Washington, D.C. She is in a relationship with Kurt Russel since 2008, but never intended to get married with him. She was well known with her role as Toni Simmons in the 1969 American film entitled Cactus Flower.

She is also a mother for actor and actress Oliver and Kate Hudson that seems to follow her footstep as one of Hollywood celebrities. She is not only brilliant at her acting, but she also well-known with her beauty and sexy figure that made her then decide to pose for Playboy magazine in January 1985.

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