Did Rachel Weisz Get Plastic Surgery?

Rachel Weisz Plastic Surgery

Rachel Wiesz beauty is apparently not able to be denied anymore by some her fans and celebrity viewers but they still wonder how she could be a beautiful woman without any plastic surgeon help or did she really have a good gene? The latest news revealed that her beautiful appearance was obtained through having some plastic surgery procedures done on her face. The big question is what kinds of surgical procedures that she had done so that she could be one of the most beautiful actresses in the world?

Rachel Weisz Plastic Surgery Before and After

This 41 year-old- age, Rachel Weisz, was charged of having numerous plastic surgery procedures in the past including Botox injection but she openly denied that she has undergone dermal Botox injection.

She ensured that she was one of anti plastic surgery supporters. Meanwhile, for those who believe that she has Botox injection, her body enhancement was inspired by her husband whom was charged of having a series plastic surgery procedures to refine and cure the injuries when he was getting during James Bond filmmaking.

According to Dr. Anthony Youn, she possibly had Dysport Botox injection which was considered to be new innovation in cosmetic surgery procedures so that her face looks free from any aging signs, wrinkles. In addition, Dr. Paul S. Nassif claimed that she did not only have Botox injection but she also possibly had nose job to make perfect her beautiful look.

Similarly to previous both of surgeons, Dr. David Shafer  assessed that Dysport Botox in cosmetic surgery can be very useful for the actresses in Hollywood since it can smoothen face skin and make it free from wrinkles and sagging skin. The surgeon added that Rachel Weisz was one of the actresses in Hollywood who has possibilities using that such injection because in her 43-year old age she still looks awesome and her face is apparently far from aging signs.

On the contrary, Dr. Jennifer Walden who is best known as Manhattan plastic surgeon said that Botox may be one of the best ways to sweep out the wrinkles and flawless but she has not found any signs of Rachel Weisz surgical procedure done on her face. The same point was expressed by Dr. Sherrell J. Aston, the doctor said that she did not look like to have some works done on her face but if she indeed has some surgery procedures, it was solely because of her personal decision, so we can not blame what she has already decided for her appearance.

Over all, there are many disputes regarding to Rachel Weisz beautiful appearance, some plastic surgeons believed that she had undergone some aesthetic surgeries including Dysport Botox injection and rhinoplasty. However, not a few of them also claimed that she was aging naturally and she did not apparently have some jobs done on her face. In spite of those debates, we noticed that Rachel possibly had plastic surgery procedures but they must have been well done so she looks beautiful and natural in her old age as if there are no visible aging signs there. What do you think about it?

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