Did Lee Min Ho Have Plastic Surgery?

Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery

K-pop seems to be the most well known word related to the South Korea pop culture, not only for its boy and girl band but the its movie now seems to be the top movie in Asian box office. One of the famous Korean actors is Lee Min Ho who is recently charged of having plastic surgery. Before his plastic surgery issues were rolling among his fans base, he was firstly rumored to have special relationship with his costar in the latest film in which they involved.  And it seems to make him as the most controversial actor moreover his old picture was recently uploaded then compared with the latest one afterwards being discussed by some surgeons, it makes him more disappointed.

What kinds of plastic surgery does Lee have?

Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Before and After

Based on Lee Min Ho plastic surgery before and after picture, he looks like to be closer to the plastic surgeon in Star Plastic Surgery Clinic in South Korea as if he has made great job on parts of his body. And it seems to be the most routine anniversary for Korean celebrities who have successful plastic surgery to make documentation by taking picture with all the clinic staffs. From the comparison between before and after pictures that were released on internet, he looks like to reduce the bump on his nose as the result it looks slimmer and sharper, the after picture also reveals the difference on his lips which looks a bite slimmer than it used to be.

The released picture make some people more convinced that he has plastic surgery particularly nose surgery and lip reduction as they were shown on his pictures. However some of his fans and some are still in doubt about it and they began to worry whether he had been under surgeon knife to alter his face. If he really had surgery procedures on his face, they might feel disappointed because what they see on Lee face was unnatural.

Even so Lee Min Ho denied all the rumors regarding to his plastic surgery, he just stated that he has a good relationship with the clinic surgeon. Agreed to him, his close friend said that not all people who came to the plastic surgery clinic meat they really had some jobs for their body, as well as Lee Min Ho, as it was reported by one of magazines in Korea.

In short, there are still debates regarding to the truth of Lee Min Ho plastic surgery rumors. But after having looked up his before and after pictures, some believed that he has some procedures indeed on his face. If he did have plastic surgery, we really admit that he has been one of the most handsome and attractive South Korean actors. With his new look, he looks more mature than he used to be. However the validity of Lee nose job and lips augmentation truth is still being debated, so that’s why we still wait for your comments. Feel free to share your thoughts!

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