Cher Before and After Plastic Surgery Procedure

Cher Plastic Surgery

I would like to say that Cher looks better and amazing after the plastic surgery procedure than before. Cher 66 years old American singer and actress who has been called the Goddess of Pop gave us a lot of significant changing before and after plastic surgery procedure done. Cher herself was accused doing so many plastic surgery procedures  nose jobs, breast augmentation, fillers, facelift eyelid surgery, tummy tucks and liposuction. Personally I would like to say that Cher looks good after plastic surgery done. But recently her picture that showing her tiring face widely appeared on the internet make people rumored that Cher should take plastic surgery recovery.

Nose Job
First I will spotlight Cher nose that was probably coming from the nose job done. Cher ever made statements that her nose is too big for her face. She felt as if nose was covered her face entirely that why she decides to make it better through nose job. After the nose job done, we should admit Cher looks much better and impressive. Her nose looks pinched, slimmer and thinner, which is suited well to Cher facial appearance.

Breast Implant
Cher openly reveals she has breast implant done after giving birth her daughter. Cher may feel insecure because commonly after giving birth breast will loosen and getting saggy.

She said she thinks her breast looks wider and horrible. Cher realizes she is an entertainer so her appearance will be public spotlighted by everyone. Openly she said she has undergone plastic surgery to returning her breast up and though again. Overall Cher looks hot and impressing after breast implant compared than before. And, it’s likely that breast implant still work well after seeing how protruding it in Cher 66 years old age.

Facelift and Eyelid Surgery
Cher never clearly revealed how many times she has facelift procedure done. But media journalist guessing she has at least three times facelift because of her facial skin stil looks so tight and toned. But recently Cher seems to give up to fight aging because of her newest picture showing her face that bit wrinkled. A Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer old Make Me Heal that actually Cher looks good after facelift done than before she does it. But Dr. Michael Salzhauer says Cher doesn’t need a facelift anymore. She still looks good with it just need light recovery to make her better. Cher also accused has eyelid surgery to abolish baggy eyes. After eyelid surgery done, Cher looks more fresh and youthful.

Cher Plastic Surgery
Facial Fillers
Facial fillers like Resylane and Juvederm help Cher to maintain youthful and ageless. The analyst also accused she has regular laser treatment like Fraxel to maintain her youthful looks. She probably has botox injection, but Cher never clearly admits about it.

Actually there anymore plastic surgery that was admitted by Cher, but I am only talking about the most spotlighted procedures that gave significant changing before and after it’s done. Overall Cher looks good after the plastic surgery done. But she should resist the urge to excessive plastic surgery procedures.

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