Britney Spears Plastic Surgery Before and After

Britney Spears Rhinoplasty

A lot of pictures that showing Britney Spears plastic surgery before and after but this 32 years old woman still denies those rumors fiercely. Britney Spears is best known with her plastic surgery denial even though a lot of evidence placed in front of her face. This woman who well known with mega hits like  …Baby One More Time (1999) and Oops! … I Did It Again (2000) also never admitted her before and after picture that showing she is changing a lot in instantly. Britney Spears before and after plastic surgery picture make people and media journalist guessing she may conduct Liposuction, lip enhancement and probably nose job too.

Even though her before and after plastic surgery picture show a lot of evidences, she still has not admitted this rumor yet.

Britney Spearss Liposuction

Britney Spears was accused has Liposuction right after giving birth her second child, Jayden James Federline. Compared her before and after photos showing that Britney Spears loosing some weight and looks slimmer within three months only. Of course Britney Spears has not admitted this plastic surgery rumor before and after Liposuction. She said she loosing some weight due carrying her baby everywhere and hard exercise. But people said that compared than before, Britney Spears probably has Liposuction done to abolish excess fat after pregnancy.

The liposuction leaves some stretch mark on her tummy and tight as an indication she has loosing weight too drastically and naturally. Media journalist also spotted some scars on the Britney Spears thigh that probably from the Liposuction procedure. Compared than before, of course she looks slimmer and thinner after Liposuction done. Plastic surgeon John Di Saia says to Make Me Heal that he can’t see any traces of plastic surgery on Britney appearance yet Liposuction to returning her body shape after bring forth her second son.

Lip Enhancement
Britney Spears before picture showing she has thin wide lip but recently or maybe after Lip enhancement done she has sexier and juicy lip. People compared and stated that previously she has wide thin lip and now it was changing a lot. Although Britney Spears denies she has lip enhancement too, but people already believed that kind of collagen or filler was injected there. It because compared her old and new picture, we may notice that her lip looks so juicy with the trout pout condition. Britney Spears lip even thicker, fulled but smaller and more cramped that before.

Britney Spears Rhinoplasty

Britney Spears before and after picture also showing the indication that she has nose job or Rhinoplasty done. Although it probably wasn’t the kind of nose reconstruction, but it gives slight differences on Britney Spears shape and size. Of course Britney Spears against the rumor of Rhinoplasty is done, but by comparing her before and after picture we may see that her nose bit changing.  Her nose much thinner and slimmer with rounded tip and cramped nasal bridge. Before plastic surgery for the Rhinoplasty she has a piggy nose with wider at the nasal bridge that seem make Britney Spears feel uncomfortable and insecure about it.

Britney Spears may never admit about her before and after plastic surgery picture that widely spreading on the internet. But of course public is smarter now and can decide that there are something changing on her physique by comparing Britney Spears plastic surgery before and after pictures.

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