Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Gone Bad

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Gone Bad

Axl Rose, the lead vocalist of the hard rock band Guns N’ Roses used to very good looking and charming hunk before his plastic surgery gone bad. No one will mistrust how wonderful his performance and his voice is. Axl Rose is brilliant musically that is creating so many long lasting hits, except his dumb decision of plastic surgery. There is no clear reason behind Axl Rose plastic surgery decisions. Speculation claimed it could be his bipolar disorder and his track record as playboy being the reason to conduct plastic surgery like rhinoplasty, facelift and hair plugs. Axl Rose realizes that he used to very good looking and mesmerizing with his delinquent attitude.

But, he is getting older now and seems won’t lose it all. His pride too big to lose it all, and seems plastic surgery is the only way to help him looks good. And, now instead of looking good, the Axl Rose physical appearance looks horrible due plastic surgery that went bad.

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Gone Bad

Looking closely at the Axl Rose physical appearance especial on his face, there are obviously evidence that he has conducted repeatedly facelift procedures. It’s probably that at first the facelift work well on the Axl Rose’s face, but media journalist then accused Axl Rose unsatisfied and do it over and over again.

As the result, you will see that his face looks so stuffed, frozen and too elevated in some areas. Axl Rose facial skin also looks abnormal, unnatural,  too tight that given painful expression. His eyes look so lifted, her cheek looks too tight and frozen. Axl Rose never tries to deny it, and maybe he can’t hide about facelift procedures so he doesn’t try bit hard to hide those signs all.

Axl Rose plastic surgery is worse, really the worst and what’s wrong with his nose so he decides to conduct rhinoplasty? Axl Rose may not admit it, but by comparing his recent and old photos we can conclude this mass has undergone plastic surgery for the nose job. It’s likely that Axl Rose tries to make his nose sharper by conduct plastic surgery, but once more there is something incorrect with his nose? His old nose has pinched and sharp although it’s bigger. And, now instead of the sharper, his nose looks disproportionate and asymmetric with sullen looks. The public believed this man has  conducted at least more than once rhinoplasty done that make his nose look horrible.

Hair Plug
Axl Rose previously well-known with his long blond hair that make him look so adorable. And now by getting older and as a normal human being, Axl Rose started to experienced hair loss. As I said before, although good looking and has an impressive voice, Axl Rose also quite delinquent, and seems that hair loss been a nightmare for him. It could be his reason to conduct hair plug treatment to returning his hair again. Maybe among that plastic surgery that’s gone bad, Axl Rose hair plug kind of the best one by seeing how thicker his hair now.

Axl Rose plastic surgery may be the most stupid and the worst decision that has been taken by this Gun and Roses front man. At first, Axl Rose may hide and denials about the plastic surgery rumor, but now little by little he started to admit it. Maybe he has been tired and sick to deny the plastic surgery rumor along with a lot of evidence that looked from his physical appearance.

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