Ann Margret Before and After Plastic Surgery

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Ann Margret who was born on 28th April 1941 is an actress whose American-Swedish descendant. She got her career fame when she played in Bye Bye Birdie film in 1963. The latest news reveled that she was charged of having plastic surgery in order to maintain her youthful look.

Ann Margret Before and After Plastic Surgery Picture

This 71 year-old actress was previously well known for beautiful appearance and for now she still looks beautiful though she has been more than seventy years old. For that reason some people suspected that she had some surgical procedures including facelift, blepharoplasty, and some filler injections as like Botox to stay young.

According to Dr Manhattan David Shafer, Ann Margret apparently had facelift but the sign of it is very subtle so the comparison of her previous and latest picture is likely not enough to judge her having such surgery. But the doctor ensured that she looks great in her old age as if she does not reflect her aging. Similarly to Dr Shafer, Dr Michael Salzhauer and Dr Paul A. Nassif added that Ann is well recognized for her attractive appearance when she was young even in her old age she still looks great. She probably had facelift procedure, eyelids surgery, Botox and other filler injection.
The surgeons assessed that all of her cosmetic procedures seemed to be well done based on her face proportion hence she still looks younger than her real age.

When those plastic surgery rumors were confirmed to Ann Margret, she denied that she has those surgery procedures in order to keep her young appearance. But she revealed that she had a fatal accident in which she fell from a stage whose 22 meters height, hence she needed some recovery treatments for the injuries including concussion and five facial fractures. If she had some changes on her face, they were mostly caused by some injuries recovery treatments.

In short, even though Ann has denied that she has had some plastic surgery procedures but based on before and after pictures comparison we are strongly sure that she had facelift, eyelids surgery, Botox and other filler injection which can be noticed from her face appearance in which she does not seem to reflect an old woman with fresh and no wrinkles on her face. To make the invisible wrinkles on curtain face which were considered as one of the aging signs is usually obtained through facelift and filler injection as like botox. But what we see on Margret face, it reflects so smooth with no wrinkles at all. What do you think about it? Did she look to age naturally or she had surgical procedures help?

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