Ali Lohan Disprove Plastic Surgery Allegations

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery

Since stated too young for plastic surgery procedures, 19 years old Ali Lohan disprove plastic surgery allegation that attacked her life recently. It’s likely that Ali Lohan following her sis way Lindsay Lohan who denies each plastic surgery rumor though the fact has a different word. As her sister who refute plastic surgery rumor, 19 years old Ali Lohan also disprove the allegations that she has facial work done. The young American fashion model and television personality Ali Lohan being a long time prey for the media journalist regarding the plastic surgery rumor. The rumor appears because this young lady several times spotted getting out of a beauty clinic with the sign of plastic surgery patient.

Her new and old photos also showing the indication that probably Ali Lohan has several plastic surgery done. The young Ali Lohan has accused breast implant, dental veneers, and probably Botox injection too. Since she is very young for those procedures, people then smirked and says she is will not get the result and this procedure is unnecessary. And it seems that Ali Lohan gets tired of plastic surgery rumor so she disprove allegation bout it.

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery

Breast Implant
Please remember that Ali Lohan is still 19 but seems she is following her sister way to get breast implant procedure.

Ali Lohan ever spotted in some occasions wearing two pieces bikini that shows the  breast that quite protruding and provocative. People said that Ali Lohan breast seems to get bigger from time to time. For 19 year old teen girl, Ali Lohan breast looks too big and too protruding. Compared when she was spotted wearing a bikini in last 2007 she still have small breast with quite perky condition. Her breast seems very small that leaving so much space on her chest. But a year later her breast seems to get bigger, tougher and up. Ali Lohan disproves the breast implant allegations by saying her push up bra gave magical work on chest part.
Her sister also defends her by saying that their mother Dina Lohan will not let her younger sister undergone breast implant since she is still underage.

Dental veneer
I don’t even know that dental veneer is included plastic surgery but I would love to say that anything to enhance your appearance it belongs to the cosmetic procedure. Here Ali Lohan also accused has dental veneers to make her teeth more shinny and sparkling. It’s probably related to the rumor that Ali Lohan is a smoker and drink alcohol too that make her teeth yellowish and crooked. Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon and a rhinoplasty specialist in Beverly Hills, California has different opinion here. The doctor says that Ali Lohan teeth look natural even though she has undergone dental veneers. The doctor says that with her new teeth Ali Lohan looks have a manly smile and make it looks worse on her. Plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell J. Aston also added that seems Ali Lohan dental veneers doesn’t work much on her teeth. The doctor even doesn’t notice any differences whether she has dental veneers are not so it’s probably that Ali Lohan dental veneers is unnecessary.

Ali Lohan Botox

Even though she is still young, Ali Lohan also accused has Botox injection done. It’s kinda weird des she is still 19 and impossible her young face gotten to an age except she has premature aging. Her face that sometimes looks a bit frozen and stuffed make people believe Ali Lohan has Botox injection. Ali Lohan of course disproves the rumor and says her mother and her sister will not allow her has Botox injection since she is very young. Her rebuttal was agreed by Dr. David Shafer, celebrity plastic surgeon in New York City. He said that Ali Lohan face is natural and doesn’t show Botox injection. The frozen and stiff expression probably due her anxiety so it effected on her face too.

Ali Lohan always disproved plastic surgery allegation by using her sister Lindsay Lohan and her mom as the shield. But I hope she disproved is true because Ali Lohan is too young for each plastic surgery allegation that was accused of her.

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