Actress Sandra Bullock Before and After Nose Job

sandra bullock nose job

There is  a lot of plastic surgery procedure that was accused to actress Sandra Bullock, but in this part I will only spotlighted her before and after nose job procedure. 48 years old actress Sandra Bullock won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for 2009 American semi-biographical sports drama film the Blind Side was accused has nose job done. Of course Sandra Bullock doesn’t admit she has that procedure for the nose job done. Sandra Bullock denies the rumor she lays under the knife to perform nose job or Rhinoplasty. But since the old picture that showing her teenage or before the procedure done that looks different with today, people then accused the rumor of nose job must be true.

Even though she was accused has nose job, but after comparing her before and after picture, Sandra Bullock looks suits with her new nose.

sandra bullock nose job

Nose Job
By comparing Sandra Bullock old and new photos we can see the differences both in size and shape in the nasal part area. Some people even accused there are significantly changing on the Sandra Bullock nose though as an indication she has rhinoplasty for the reconstruction. Before the plastic surgery for the nose job, Sandra Bullock has a wider nasal board, wide but flat nasal bridge that is combined with less pointed at the tip part.

And recently or maybe after nose job was performed by Sandra Bullock, her nose looks more pronounced, well structured and more curved. The nasal bridge looks straighter, with smaller, cramped and thinner nasal tip that makes her nose looks pinched, thinner and sharper. A Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer even appreciate Sandra Bullock nose job. He said that Sandra Bullock new nose looks very nice and really suits on her. With more narrowed and defined nasal tip, Sandra Bullock looks even more beautiful and great no matter she is admits this procedure or not.

The Sandra Bullock nose is epic no matter its because of plastic surgery or not. But after comparing Sandra Bullock before and after plastic surgery for the nose job picture, we should admit that she looks much better now.

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